Lower Valley Credit Union

Lower Valley Credit Union was started in 1952 in the basement of a local Catholic Church by 25 original charter members, depositing $5.00 each.

Due to the origins of the credit union it was naturally originally named “Catholic Credit Union”. At the time, there were only 2 Catholic Dioceses in the State of Washington, one was located in Seattle and the other was located in Spokane.

Then, in 1958 a new diocese was formed in Yakima. This resulted in a regulation ruling, which allowed for only 1 credit union within the same diocese. Therefore, a decision was made to keep the credit union that was located in Yakima.

We then re-incorporated, under our new name of “Lower Valley Credit Union”.

1112 E Nob Hill Blvd Ste 106
Yakima, WA 98901 


(509) 317-7242