La Casa Hogar

La Casa Hogar exists to provide a range of practical education and self-development opportunities especially suited to the needs of Latina/o immigrant families who comprise one of the most economically fragile, but socially important segments, in the Yakima Valley. Most are at-risk from language, income and education limitations, eroded self-esteem, reduced mobility, few marketable skills, and a scarcity of available resources. But they are not alone, for as models and caretakers for those children who will shape the majority in the Yakima Valley before the middle of this century, the community’s well-being is equally exposed.

The organization confronts these issues through education, relationship development, and building trust. Classes offered to this population of immigrant families include English/Spanish literacy, adult basic education, digital inclusion, financial literacy, health education, parenting, pre-school preparation for their children, and citizenship education. Also provided are lessons in social skills, cultural contexts, communications, confidence building, civic involvement, and common safety and survival skills essential to participants’ success. In the end, these programs serve as building blocks of social change, helping to overcome existing barriers, impart mutual values, and reduce the potential for inter-generational obstacles and adverse effects that many families and the community as a whole may face.

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106 S 6th St
Yakima, WA 98901 


(509) 457-5058 (Office)